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  • Method CRM for Intuit Anywhere - Now Released

    Back in June we blogged about Intuit announcing a new way of integrating with QuickBooks called Intuit Anywhere (“IA”). Starting today, all new Method CRM for QuickBooks Online users will be using IA to connect to QuickBooks. IA provides QuickBooks users a great new experience of connecting...
    Posted to Weblog by Method_Danny on 10-18-2011
  • New Method CRM 2.0: Provides a refreshed workflow to CRM for QuickBooks

    We’ve been very busy over the last few months. Want to know why? We’ve been working tirelessly on a refreshed version of Method CRM that now focuses on workflow and ease of access to your CRM and QuickBooks information. This was first previewed at Scaling New Heights in May and we received...
    Posted to Weblog by Method_Danny on 07-18-2011
  • Method Integration Outlook Plug-In 2.0 Beta – Now Open

    Last year, I was super excited when we released version 1.0 of our Outlook plug-in tool . Now, less than a year later, I am thrilled to announce version 2.0 is officially open for public beta. Caution – please sit down if you’re not already, as you may experience higher than normal levels...
    Posted to Weblog by Method_Danny on 03-18-2010
  • Opportunity stages made easy

    As a sales representative, managing your sales opportunities is pretty important. After all, an opportunity that is monitored and managed properly could potentially equal a sale. Throughout a typical sales process, a sales representative would update the opportunity “stage” to match where...
    Posted to Weblog by Method_Danny on 03-02-2010
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