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Advanced Price Levels for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
Solution No. 395

Price Levels have always been an available feature in QuickBooks.  Intuit recently announced they would be releasing advanced options for price levels, as a subscription, in the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions platform.  However, Intuit currently has no plans to update the SDK in the foreseeable future to allow third-party developers to access these features.  This means third-party developers, including Method, cannot support Advanced Price Levels for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions at this time.


In general, price levels are used to adjust the price of items, and allow QuickBooks users to set custom pricing for individual customers or jobs.  Out of the box, these custom prices can be associated with multiple customers and jobs at once, automatically applying the custom price to invoices, estimates, sales orders, sales receipts, and credit memos associated with those customers or jobs.  These changes can be made one of two ways.  Fixed percentage price levels apply a flat discount or price increase to an item based on a percentage (e.g. one customer may get their items at a 10% discount, while a new item might be subject to a 15% increase for all customers).  Per item price levels allow users to set custom prices for individual items (e.g. preferred customers might get a particular item at $8, with the regular price being $10).

With the Advanced Price Levels add-on available for QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2014, users will be able to apply quantity discounts, manufacturer markdowns, promotional prices, and other prices changes not currently addressed by basic price levels, in addition to the functionality mentioned above.  You can learn more about these options on the Intuit website.

Unfortunately, without support from the SDK, third-party developers like Method cannot sync the new options offered in the Advanced Price Levels offered in 2014 QuickBooks Enterprise Edition.

Intuit is not planning to update the SDK moving forward, which means Enterprise users will not have access to this advanced functionality through their Method account. In the future, however, if Intuit adds these functions to the SDK, we will consider adding them to Method as well.  However, Method will still allow users to customize general price levels for QuickBooks Desktop as we always have.  Method users can also explore adding similar, custom workflow directly within Method CRM if it makes sense.  Please refer to this article for more information.


This article applies to the following versions of QuickBooks.

•    QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2014