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MICR Fonts
Solution No. 215

If you require printing QuickBooks checks with MICR numbering on the bottom of the check we have some good news.

Method servers have an MICR font installed, and it is compatible with the Method Report Designer.

The only downside is that if you want to design a report (check template) with an MICR font, you need to purchase the Universal MICR Pi™ Medium font (get the TrueType version, not OpenType). It is available from for about $26 USD. And no, we don't get a kick-back.

Note, you only need the font if you are designing reports that uses an MICR font. If you are printing or previewing PDFs, you do not need the MICR font, since it generated by Method on Method's servers, and embedded into the PDF.

What's an MICR font? Read more here:


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