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'Invalid Username & Password' when credentials are correct
Solution No. 393

This article will give you instructions for resolving an error "Invalid Username & Password" in the Sync Engine with proper credentials entered in.

While attempting to run a sync, the Method Integration Engine throws an error for an “Invalid Username & Password”. The first fix is to ensure you’re using the correct company account, username and password associated with your Method account -- as well as to ensure you have the right company file selected (with no spaces in between words). If both of those things are covered, there’s a third error that might be causing the issue.


The issue might have to do with an “Integrated Accounting” feature that exists in Method. It needs to be enabled for at least one screen, otherwise the Sync Engine won’t be able to run.

  1. Go to Method, and click on the ‘Customize’ tab
  2. Click on the ‘Tab Group’ tab link
  3. Ensure at least one of the tab groups in the ‘Edit an existing Tab Group’ has ‘Integrate Accounting’ checked off
  4. Run a full sync again

See below:

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