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Go to Section
Solution No. 113
Go To Section navigates to a different section on the screen. This is mostly used when the screen is set to 'Show In Tabs', since this action allows you to specify the tab that is shown.
So Where Would We Use It?
Business is booming and to show your appreciation, you want to tell your customers who currently have a “Balance Due” greater than $500, that they can choose to take up to an additional 3 months to pay, interest-free of course. You begin to enter the criteria and once done, you would like to see a separate screen with this list of customers. Click a button to process the list and you are immediately directed to a new section which contains only the new list. It?s that easy!
To set the properties for this action, follow these steps:
1. Select Go To Section from the Action dropdown list.
2. Select the Section from the dropdown list to specify which section the action will go to.
3. Enter Internal note (Optional).
4. Click Save & Close to save changes and close the action properties window; otherwise, click Cancel to close the window without saving.


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