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Merging customers in QuickBooks Online
Solution No. 202

QuickBooks Online allows you to merge customers however any apps you use on the Intuit App Center, including Method CRM, will not be aware that a merge has taken place.  This is a current limitation of IPP ("Intuit Partner Platform").  



In QuickBooks Online, you might run across a scenario where you want to merge two customers together.  To do this in QuickBooks Online, you can do the following:

  1. In QBO, click Customers > Customer Center.
  2. Click Edit for the specific customer.
  3. In the Display Name As box, type in the name of the customer you wish to merge this customer with.  Be sure to use the exact same name as the customer you wish to merge with.  

    For example, if you had Jane, Smith and you wanted to merge this with the customer Jane A, Smith, you'll want to type in Jane A, Smith.
  4. Click Save.  
  5. You will receive a confirmation message.  Click Yes.  The customers will now be merged in QuickBooks Online only.
The problem comes into play when you are using apps on the Intuit App Center.  These apps use IPP to grab data from QuickBooks Online and IPP does not currently detect merges that take place in QuickBooks Online.  As a result, you'll notice that the customer you merged still exists in Method CRM and other apps.  This is a current limitation of IPP.

It is best to avoid merging customers in QuickBooks Online until this functionality is added to IPP. 

Intuit is aware of the issue but will not be addressing this until V3 of IPP data services expected to be released in summer of 2012.  Once this is released, we will test and plan this accordingly in our future development releases.  


The last status update we recevied from Intuit was on April 30, 2012.