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Database Size
Solution No. 259

This article will explain Method Integration’s policies on account data size.



Can I see the size of my Method database?

Currently there is no way to know or monitor the size of your Method database.

Am I charged if my Method database is too big?

You are not currently charged for the size of your Method database. This is something we plan to add in the future as we continue to grow. One reason we do not currently do this is because a significant portion of the database size is the Audit Trail. The Audit Trail stores all of the changes that are made to the Method database. As time goes on, this continues to grow in size as changes are made. This can become a large portion of the database of the account.

How can I control the size of the database?

When Method begins charging for database size, Method users will need tools to effectively monitor and control the size of their database. Method will develop a way for users to see the size of their database, tables, and their Audit Trail. We’ll put in place a means of purging the Audit trail, to reduce the amount of data this takes from the account. As an added bonus we’ll be adding the ability for users to monitor the size of individual tables. This will make it easier for users to see which tables hold the largest amount of data then remove anything that’s not needed (i.e. the DocumentLibrary table).



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