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Getting Setup with SmartVault
Solution No. 177

Integrating SmartVault with Method is really easy, and only involves minor steps, especially if you already have a SmartVault account.

  1. In Method CRM, go to Customize > Integration Tools.
  2. Scroll to the Document Management section.
  3. Click Setup SmartVault integration.
  4. For the Administrator Email Address, if you already have a SmartVault account, enter the email address associated with that account. If you do not yet have a SmartVault account, enter your email address.
  5. Click Authorize. During this step Method will communicate with SmartVault's servers to see if an account already exists for the email address you specified.

    If you already have a SmartVault account
    You'll be taken into SmartVault temporarily to grant access to Method. Click Allow. This process is using "Oauth" which is a standard way for web applications to securely communicate your account details with each other.

    If you do not yet have account with SmartVault
    You'll be shown the option to create a new SmartVault account. Method users will be provisioned with a free 30-day trial of a SmartVault Basic account. The SmartVault Basic account includes 2 user licenses and 25 GB of web storage. Additional users and storage can be added on at any time.

    • Enter your First name and Last name.
    • For Account name, you can change it to anything you want. It does not need to match your Method account name.
    • For your Vault name, you can change it to anything you want, but we recommend keeping the default "Integration Documents". What's a vault? A vault is a secure online container, like a locked online file cabinet, that you can use to securely store documents. Vaults contain folders and subfolders to help you further subdivide and organize your documents.
    • Click Create New SmartVault Account.
    • You should get an email within a few minutes with the subject "SmartVault create password request". You'll need to follow these steps in order to use SmartVault outside of Method. If you don't see this email, check your junk mail folder.

  6. For Account >> Vault, select which account and vault you want Method to integrate with. Method will create a folder called "Method Documents" in the SmartVault account and vault you choose. If you only have one account and one vault, you can ignore this step.
  7. Click Finish. This step saves your preferences, and activates SmartVault in your account. After your next sync with QuickBooks, you'll be ready to start syncing files between QuickBooks, Method and SmartVault.


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