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Syncing with Advanced Inventory feature in QuickBooks
Solution No. 418

This article will outline what Method:CRM can sync to when using the Advanced Inventory feature in QuickBooks.



QuickBooks has instituted a feature called Advanced Inventory.  This feature allows QuickBooks to manage inventory by tracking bin location, sites and locations, lot numbers and a number of other features.

 To accommodate this feature, Method’s sync engine will sync with a portion of the Advanced Inventory features to create a more seamless integration with QuickBooks. Please be aware that customization will be required to implement these features on your Method screens.

 At this time, the following can be synced with Method:

  • Site tracking
  • Lot Numbers
  • Serial Numbers

Sales Orders and Invoices can take advantage of these additional fields. When creating a Sales Order or Invoice, you can specify which site the inventory item is from, as well as the lot number or serial number of the item, and send that as part of the transaction to QuickBooks.

Your Inventory Sites are located in the InventoryControlLocation table. The LocationSite, SerialNumber and LotNumber are available on both the SalesOrderLine table and the InvoiceLine table.



 Please see our Forums or contact Professional Services for help in adding these fields to your Method screens. 


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