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Customer portals
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Method Field Services is a web-based product, so wouldn’t it be great if your customers were able to log in and see a “My Account”? Great news, that’s what Customer Portals are all about. As long as you have a customer’s email address entered in QuickBooks they will be able to create their own portal account, sign into their customer portal and see their recent transactions, reprint invoices, update their own address and phone number information, and ask you questions.

How do I view a sample portal?

  1. In the Customer screen, if you don’t already have a “test customer” with your email address, create a new customer. Make sure that the email address is entered, and that it is the only customer that has this email address.
  2. Click on the Customize tab.
  3. Click on the Portals link.
  4. Click Edit beside the “Contacts Portal” in the Edit an existing Portal section.
  5. Carefully go through the wizard as you view each step, and read about how the portals work.
  6. In Step 7, click the Show Test Page link.
  7. Follow the onscreen steps to register yourself as if you were the “test customer”. 
  8. An email will be sent to your email inbox with your temporary password, which will allow you to sign into your portal account as your “test customer” and see your invoices, update account information, and ask questions. The questions and solutions you see are part of the Cases tab, under the CRM tab group, which gives you an advanced way of tracking and solving customer problems.


Customizing a portal is one example that will often be outside of the “technical comfort” area of many Method Field Services users.  This is where you may wish to seek paid customization services from your Method rep, helping you integrate it into your existing website, along with the look, feel and functionality you require. 


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