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Renew Recurrence
Solution No. 158
This action renews a recurring appointment by adjusting the start and end date to be a year later, and regenerates the recurring dates with the new date range.
So Where Would We Use It?
Your recurring appointment is about to expire, with the use of this action you can simply renew this and have the appropriate changes made for another year.
To set the properties for this action, follow these steps:
1. Select Renew Occurrence from the Action dropdown list.
2. Select Table from the dropdown list.
3. Select Record ID from the dropdown list.
The choices are:
  •  Type In – sets the condition to a value that the user types in manually.
  •  Action Result – sets the condition to a user-defined action result.
  •  Value From Screen – sets the condition to a value pulled from a specific field within the specified screen.
  •  Value From Session – sets the condition to a value that results from the current session information.
4. If you selected Type In for Step 3, enter the predefined value and proceed to Step 5; otherwise, specify Value from the dropdown below.
5. Enter Internal note (Optional).
6. Click Save & Close to save changes and close the action properties window; otherwise, click Cancel to close the window without saving.


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