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Invoice line item record ids rewritten on invoice updates
Solution No. 217

QuickBooks Online (QBO) only allows us to write the entire invoice when making any changes no matter how small.  If you submit an address change on an invoice, we need to send the whole invoice back to QuickBooks.  This can affect any applications that expect invoice line item record ids to stay the same.  This is a current limitation of IPP ("Intuit Partner Platform").  



At this time there is no resolution as Intuit only supports writing a complete invoice object and not a partial update.  If you use any apps which depend on invoice line item record ids to stay the same you should be aware that small changes will affect the entire invoice.



This issue is expected to be addressed with V3 of IPP Data Services which is expected to be released Spring/Summer of 2013.  Once released, we will test and deploy an update accordingly in our future releases.


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