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Bill expense/item line billable status
Solution No. 203

QuickBooks Desktop allows you to create Invoices from Bill line items and expenses however Method CRM will not be aware that the items and expenses have been billed. This is a current limitation of the QuickBooks SDK.



Due to a QuickBooks SDK limitation, Bill line items and expenses that have been marked as HasBeenBilled in QuickBooks are not updated with HasBeenBilled in Method. When Bill line items and expenses are marked as HasBeenBilled in QuickBooks by creating an invoice, QuickBooks does not update the Time Modified value for the Bill which is what Method uses to determine if a change is made to a transaction.

Currently their is no association between an Invoice and an Bill Item or Expense like there existing between an Invoice and a Payment so no other means exist to determine if the billable status has changed.


This article applies to the following versions of QuickBooks.

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2004 Pro or higher


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