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Keeping track of your campaigns is vital for a few reasons. In addition to helping your marketing department determine what works and what doesn't when it comes to your advertising, linking campaigns to activities, cases, customers and more is a very important part of developing the trail of breadcrumbs. This is good news, not only for your interactions with clients but also internally. In order to help organize this information in an easily-readable and accessible format, Method uses its grid format to keep things in line. The existing campaigns grid works the same way as other grids do in the Method platform (we have written about this before), but as usual, this grid has some unique features that we'll be breaking down here. Let's take a closer look at the specifics of the Campaign list.

In the top left-hand corner of the screen you'll see a drop down menu called "Filter by view". Filter by view offers you the following options, that will change the way cases are displayed in the grid below. It is important to note the "My" filter views are determined by the Method user associated with the Campaign. The "Shared" filter views will show any of the specified campaigns that have been shared with the user currently logged in.

  • My active campaigns: This view will show all campaigns marked "active" that are assigned to the Method user currently logged in.
  • My campaigns: This view will show all campaigns associated with the Method user currently logged in.
  • My inactive campaigns: This view will show all campaigns not marked "active" that are assigned to the Method user currently logged in.

There are also shared versions of each of these options, which refer to any campaigns that have been shared with the account currently being used on Method.

If you look at the left-hand side of the grid, you can see a clickable link next to each entry called "Go to".

This will take you to the Edit campaign screen. For more information on that screen, see our Edit campaign documentation. It will also generate a tab link for editing that will remain on your tab link bar until you refresh the screen.

The rest of the grid works in much the same way as other grids in Method. You can order and filter the grid using the clickable titles at the top of columns, and depending upon the information they pertain to, the grid can be reordered based on alphabetic order or numerical value.

  • Campaign #: This number is automatically generated in an ascending order each time you create a campaign in Method. You can search and order the grid using these numbers.
  • Start date: This is the date a campaign is set to begin.
  • Details: This section will list the Method user assigned to the campaign, the name of the campaign, and the status of the campaign.
  • Type: This section will detail what kind of campaign is being listed, based on whether or not you assigned it a campaign type.
  • Active?: This simple yes-or-no column will tell you whether the campaign is active.
  • Description: This section corresponds to the information you inputted (if any) in the Description field of the campaign when creating or editing it.

Finally, there is a New campaign button that opens the New campaign screen (please see New campaign for more details).

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