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Delivery failure to custom email
Solution No. 392

If your emails from parts of Method (e.g. send invoice, forgot password, etc.) aren’t being delivered to your custom email, but are being delivered to standard email provider addresses (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail), there is a chance our mail server has blacklisted your email provider. If this is the case, give our support line (1.888.925.6238 ext. 2) a call to have it released.

Before calling us, however, please go through the following steps:

  1. Ensure emails aren’t being sent to your spam inbox, or being filtered to a different label/folder.

  2. Contact your SMTP provider to ensure they are not blocking incoming emails from Method’s mailserver.

  3. Run an SMTP test in My Account to ensure your SMTP settings work well.
    1. Click Customize > My Account.
    2. Click view / edit... next to Default Email Preferences.
    3. Ensure your settings are correct, then click Save & Send Test Email.
    4. Check your inbox for the test email.

  4. Wait a few hours after sending an email to see if it makes it to your inbox or not
After you’ve gone through these steps, and if emails still don’t reach your inbox, give us a call and we can find out whether or not your provider has been blacklisted.
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