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Get sum
Solution No. 145
This action gets the summary of all numeric values in the column of the specified grid and assigns the summary to an action result.Note: only numeric columns will be available to be summarized. Note also that 'RecordCount' is a specialized field that just retrieves the count of the number of records in a grid.
So where would we use it?
Used in a series of actions to tally the numeric values of a column within a grid, allowing you to use the sum in subsequent actions.
To set the properties for this action, follow these steps:
1. Select Get Sum from the Action dropdown list.
2. Select Grid from the dropdown list.
3. Select Column from the dropdown list.
4. Type in an Action Result Name.
3. Enter Internal note (Optional).
4. Click Save & Close to save changes and close the action properties window; otherwise, click Cancel to close the window without saving.


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