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Welcome to Method! This document will walk you through the common elements of Method's layout, and how to get around in your Method environment. If you're new to Method, this section also identifies terminology that's specific to our platform.

When you sign into Method, you are directed to a screen that looks much like this:

What you see in your Method environment is determined by how your user permissions have been set up, so the details of your screen may look a bit different than the examples we provide.

Method is organized and displayed in four tiers of organization: tab groups, tabs, tab links, and screens.

What are tab groups?[top]

At the top right-hand section of your screen, you can see three dropdown menus, which can be accessed by hovering your cursor over the titles.

The center menu pertains to your tab groups, which are the highest level of organization in Method. The tab group you select determines what tabs are displayed in your Method environment:

Tab groups are used to categorize functionality in Method. By default, CRM is the tab group displayed when you sign in, which contains the tabs shown above.

The tabs you see in Method are also influenced by permissions, so even if you have access to the CRM tab group, you may not see all the tabs we have shown.

The tabs in the CRM tab group make up Method's core functionality. Other tab groups provide access to other tools in Method (e.g. additional apps you may have installed.)

What are tabs?[top]

Once you have selected your tab group, you can see a number of distinct titles:

These titles are called tabs. Tabs are used to further organize how you use Method. Clicking a tab opens a set of options unique to this tab. These options appear as tab links.

What are tab links?[top]

When you click a tab, new titles become available:

These are called tab links. Tab links open further options related to the content in each parent Tab.

The tab links you see in Method are also influenced by permissions, so even if you have access to the Leads tab, you may not see all the tabs we have shown.

For example, the Customers tab opens options to create, view and edit customers and transactions, and to generate reports, all in the form of tab links. When a tab link is clicked, it opens a screen.

What are screens?[top]

Screens are where you enter and edit information to be saved in Method. For example, clicking the New Customer tab link in the Customer tab opens the New Customer screen:

This screen lets you save all information pertaining to a specific customer. Different tab links open different screens, each of which contributes to your day-to-day use of Method! You can learn more about each tab and their associated links and screens by looking them up in our Help Center.

Navigating in Method[top]

In addition to the tab group dropdown, you can see two other dropdowns at the top right.

The far-right dropdown displays your user name.

When you hover over it, you are presented with several options:

  • My Profile: This opens your profile menu. Please click here for more information.
  • Switch Account: If you have more than one Method account, this option takes you to a screen where you can switch to another account without signing out and signing back in.
  • Sign out: This option signs you out of Method.
    Any work you are doing will not automatically save when you sign out or switch accounts, so be sure to save your work before doing so.

The Recent option displays a list of up to 20 of the screens you have accessed during this session. Clicking any of these screens returns you to that screen.

Some notes about the Recent dropdown:
  • Only screens accessed through a tab link are displayed. Pop-ups and screens accessed via Go To Screen are not.
  • The Recent dropdown isn't available if you sign into Method on a mobile device or via a portal.
  • Only screens accessed by the user signed in are displayed.
  • Only screens associated with the tab group you're in are displayed

When you navigate around Method, Method remembers what you are doing on each screen: your screen state.

For example: if you are entering a new customer on the New Customer screen, and you click over to the Opportunities tab, Method remembers which screen you were on in the Customer tab and retains any information you've inputted so far. When you click back to the Customers tab, you are returned to the New Customer screen, and the information you inputted is there waiting for you.

It's a Method best practice to regularly save your work by clicking Save. Information on a screen is only retained during your current Method session. If you sign out, switch accounts, or lose your connection, this information will be lost if you haven't saved it manually.


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