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What is Method?

Before we talk about Field Services, we'd like to give you a bit of background on who we are and what we do. The Method Integration platform uses its own patented, bi-direction syncing engine that synchronizes every QuickBooks list and transaction in real-time between a desktop app and a web server. This enables Method to sport a live web-based version of your desktop QuickBooks, along with full CRM capabilities. You can then install other "apps" (like Method Field Services, which we'll talk about in a moment) to add the functionality your business and industry require. Everything you see is built using the same tools you have access to, enabling you to create your own fields, tables, screens, actions, customer portals, and more.

In short, your days of relying on limited "one-size-fits-all" boxed software are over. Method Field Services is ushering in a new era of company-specific freedom.

What is Method Field Services?

Method Field Services is a custom-built app created for the Method Integration platform designed specifically for Method users who work in the field services industry. What's the field service industry, you might ask? Simply, it's the kind of business that sends employees out into the wide world (or the "field") to provide services to their customers. Lawn care companies, landscapers, pest control specialists, irrigation services, HVAC engineers, plumbers, electricians, pool maintenance specialists, and professional cleaners all work in the field services industry.

So what does Method Field Services do? In short, it gives QuickBooks users the ability to schedule one-time or recurring services, print work orders and route lists, enter job cost information, and turn completed work orders into QuickBooks invoices. The app can be used and customized by anyone who schedules services to be performed by their staff or subcontractors. What we're talking about here is unprecedented control over your time management, courtesy of an app that's designed just for you and your business.

Why is Method Field Services so great?

Method's greatest strength has always been to combine exceptional out-of-the-box options with the ability to customize other elements of the platform to suit your company. Method isn't your typical boxed-software product: we don't present you with hundreds of features and leave you to hunt for the ones that suit you best, nor do we make you wait for an annual upgrade, hoping the features you actually use will still be available. Instead, Method Field Services sets out to solve the core needs for your business, while giving you the opportunity to sweeten the deal by customizing additional elements to give your Field Services app an extra kick where it counts.

Recommendations for using Method Field Services

Use Google Chrome or FireFox: Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 7 and earlier) is, to put it bluntly, just much slower than other browsers. The speed difference is remarkable when you upgrade to a more modern browser - you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Community: Method is heavily community-based, so make use of it. Engaging with the Method community, you'll find there are some "power users" out there who have already customized their own screens in ways that might work for you too, and they'd be more than happy to share their work with you. Visit the Method community here.

Customization Services: The fact that each Method Field Services user can have their own fully customized version makes it a unique and powerful solution for your business. However, it's important to recognize that some customization tasks might be outside your technical comfort zone: for example, adding a new field to a screen is one thing, but designing a new process from scratch is quite a bit more complicated. And even if you happen to be tech-savvy, you might not have the bandwidth of time required to do it all yourself - after all, you're running a business! Thankfully, Method has that covered too. For a reasonable fee, our staff offers customization services designed to help you get the most from your Method experience. In addition, there are over 150 certified available Method Solution Providers around the world - maybe even down the road from your office! Find out more about Method Solution Providers here.


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