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Portal pricing
Solution No. 267

This document will walk you through the specifics of how you are charged for portal usage.

There is no charge for most customers or vendors to log into Method via the portals.

Method divides portal usage into 5-minute sessions of activity in the portal. These sessions are measured in 5-minute blocks (so a 6 minute session counts as two sessions, a 9-minute session counts as two sessions, an 11-minute session counts as three, etc.).

Method also distinguishes between active and inactive sessions.

  • An active session is one in which the customer is taking actions (clicking buttons, typing, etc.)
  • If the customer stops being active for five minutes, they are not charged for further sessions unless they start being active again.

For example: a customer logs in and pays an invoice within 5 minutes, then goes to lunch without logging out. The customer is only charged for one session, because they were inactive for remaining time they were logged in.

The first 500 portal sessions are provided free of charge each month.  If more than 500 sessions are used, Method considers this heavy usage and charges $0.15 per session past 500. Heavy usage is very rare – fewer than 1% of our users are considered "heavy users".


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