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Troubleshooting SmartVault and Method
Solution No. 179

Below are some troubleshooting tips, and current limitations of the integration with SmartVault. Over time, some of these limitations will get lifted and this article will get updated.

I have multiple SmartVault accounts - Method wants to authenticate to the wrong one, why?
When you first setup your connection between Method and SmartVault, the connection will be made with the SmartVault account you are currently signed into. If you are not signed into SmartVault, it will ask you to sign in. Once that first connection is made, it will be used going forward until you re-authorize. So, if you want to use a different SmartVault account, go to, sign out, and then try your authorization from Method again.

I deleted a document in SmartVault, but it didn't delete from Method, why?
Currently, the integration is not a bidirectional sync - only when files are uploaded in Method or SmartVault they are synced to each other.  Deletions are not detected.  If you delete a document in SmartVault, and try to view it from Method, you'll get a file not found error, but you will still see the link to the document in Method until you delete it here too.

I deleted a document in Method, but it didn't delete in SmartVault, why?
Currently, deleting a document in Method does not delete it from SmartVault.  You'll have to delete it in SmartVault as well.

I replaced a document in Method with a file of a different name, why do I now have two documents in SmartVault?
When you overwrite a document in Method with a new file of the same name, Method attempts to overwrite that document in SmartVault as well.  However, if you overwrite a document in Method with a file of a different name, SmartVault will still have the old document, as well as the new document.

I replaced a document in Method that was linked to multiple customers.  Only one of the customers in SmartVault has the new document. Why?
When you upload a document to Method, and link it to a customer, the document will get moved in SmartVault from the Method Documents folder to the folder for that customer.  Method remembers the SmartVault location for that document.  However, if you link the same record in Method's DocumentLibrary table to a different customer, the file will be copied to that customer's folder in SmartVault, but Method will still only keep a reference of that document to the original customer.  So when you replace the document with a new one, Method only knows to replace the original document, and not for all the subsequent customers the document was linked to.  This is because Method's data structure is different from SmartVault's - Method has a one-to-many relationship between documents and customers, whereas SmartVault has a one-to-one relationship.  If this becomes a problem for you, we recommend uploading a document multiple times in Method, one for each customer you want to link it to.

I created a new attachment field in my customer table, and uploaded a document to a customer.  Why doesn't this show up for that customer in SmartVault?
Only documents synced to the DocumentLibrary table and linked to the customer via DocumentLibraryLink will be synced to the appropriate customer (or other supported object) in SmartVault.  Documents uploaded to other tables, such as the Customer table, will only go to the Method Documents folder in SmartVault.  Why? We made the decision to reduce the overhead of the sync engine in situations where there are non-converted leads or waiting for sync approval transactions.

I have documents that are in SmartVault but not assigned to any customer, transaction or other QuickBooks object. How do I see these documents in Method?
Currently, the only existing SmartVault documents Method syncs with are the ones assigned to customers, transactions, or other supported objects.  There is no way to see other documents in Method.

I have my Method account setup with a SmartVault and assigned to a vault in one account.  If I open a new SmartVault account, can I simply move the vault from one account to another?
Currently, there is no way to move a vault from one account to another and keep the existing links working correctly in your Method account.


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