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Solution No. 230

The following are some common questions our users have reported while using our Outlook Plug-In and how to address them!

Can I use the Method Outlook Plug-In with Outlook 2003??

No, the plug-in is only compatible with Outlook 2007 and later.

Is there an Outlook Plug-In for Mac users?

At this time, there is no Outlook Plug-In for Mac. The plug-in is designed only for PC, so Mac users would have to use a virtual desktop like Parallels, even if they are running Office for Mac.

What if I am running an online version of Office, like Office 365? Can I still use the Outlook Plug-In?

The Plug-In is designed for desktop applications only. If you are using an online version of Office, please see this documentationfor steps to configure your online version for desktop use.

When I try to install the Plug-In, I receive this message: "Customized functionality in this application will not work because the certificate used to sign the deployment manifest for Method Integration Outlook Add-In or its location is not trusted." What do I do?

Depending on your User permissions/GPO settings, you may encounter a problem when trying to install the Outlook Plug-in. Follow the below steps to add Method as a trusted site in Internet Explorer.

  1. Launch Internet Explorer
  2. Click Tools > Internet Options
  3. Select the Security tab, click Trusted Sites, then click Sites
  4. Type in the Add this website to the zone field
  5. Click Add, Close, Okay, then try the installation again.

Why can't I find a customer I know exists in Method?

If you are running multiple Method accounts or a Multi-Tenancy account, you may be looking at the wrong account! Ensure you're connected to the Company Account where your customer can be found, using the correct credentials, then conduct your search again. Please see our documentation on Method Account Settingsfor more information.

Does the Outlook Plug-In capture email attachments?

No. Unlike other plug-ins like the Google Gadget, the Outlook Plug-In does not automatically save attachments to a corresponding activity in Method. In order to save an attachment to an activity, a user would have to:

  1. save the attachment to the desktop,
  2. create the activity through Method, and
  3. upload the attachment as a document.

Does sending an appointment to Method start a synchronization?

No, this step will only send the selected appointment(s) to Method. No data is sent to Outlook from Method at this time.

Every time I try to edit my settings or search for a customer I receive a Method API error: what does this mean?

Your user settings in Method are not configured correctly to work with the Outlook Plug-In!  Have your Method administrator edit your user settings: please see Assigning API and table accessfor how to do this.

Why don't the Outlook Plug-In appointments show up in the standard format of other Outlook appointments?

The Plug-In was designed to allow the user to specify what Method fields to associate with the Outlook appointment fields. Please see our documentation on Synchronization settingsfor more information on how to configure these fields.

Why don't I see the Plug-in in my Outlook Toolbar any more?

The Plug-In might not be installed, or it may have been disabled in Outlook. First, go to your Windows Control Panel to ensure the application is installed. If so, you'll need to re-enable it from the Add-Ins section in your Outlook Options, or go to Help and click on Disabled Items.

Why don’t I see emails sent through Method in my Outlook “sent” folder?

Outlook doesn't actually send your email: it sends the email to your email server (for example, Gmail or Hotmail). Since Method also sends emails to your server, you may not see an email sent by Method in Outlook's "sent" folder. If you want to see emails sent through Method in your Outlook "sent" folder, you may need to adjust your settings to sync your "sent" folder with your email server.

How do I import contacts from Outlook into Method?

Currently there is no way to mass-import your contacts from Outlook into Method. However, you can create new customer/lead/contact/vendor records in Method based on your Outlook contacts by selecting individual contacts in your list, clicking to Method.


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