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What are the QuickBooks SDK and IPP?
Solution No. 265

The Macintosh version of QuickBooks does not have an SDK available for it, so there exists no third-party apps for the platform. Read this blog post for more information.

QuickBooks SDK

The QuickBooks Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of tools and resources that are used by third-party developers, like Method, in order to create applications which integrate with QuickBooks desktop. Without the SDK, third-party applications for QuickBooks will not exist. There do, however, exist limitations with what can and cannot be done through the SDK. So third-party applications don’t have complete access to add/modify/delete/read all data in QuickBooks.


The Intuit Partner Platform (IPP) is similar to the QuickBooks SDK however it’s used to integrate third-party applications with QuickBooks Online, not its desktop counterpart. Just like with the QuickBooks SDK there are limitations with what can be seen/done by third-party applications, additionally QuickBooks Online doesn’t have as many features as the desktop version so there are features lacking. Both QuickBooks Online and the IPP are being continually updated and improved, so features and integrations will be added and improved as time goes on.


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