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Activity priorities
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How to create a new priority
how to edit an existing priority



Sometimes, one activity must take precedent over another. Returning a phone call to an important potential client, for example, might be much more important to your business than responding to a generic email. That's why Method includes Activity priority types which can tell a user immediately what activities deserve their immediate attention, and which can be safely scheduled later. The stock priority types (high, medium, and low) are often enough for most businesses, but sometimes it can be helpful to create custom priority types to impart information specific to your business.

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How to create a new priority

  1. On the Priority dropdown list, click or click the ellipses button (...) next to the drop down list button. The first option will open the Add New Activity Priority screen, and the second will open the Add/Edit Activity Priority screen, which is the same screen with the Existing Activity Priorities grid visible.

  2. In the Activity Priority field, type in the chosen name of your new activity priority.

  3. Click Save to save the activity priority. It will now appear in the Existing Activity Priorities grid, and also in dropdowns around Method.

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How to edit an existing priority

  1. Next to the Priority drop down list, click on the ellipses button (...). This will bring up the New / Edit Activity Priorities screen. This is the same screen we used to create a new activity priority, but this time we're going to take a look at the second half of the screen.
    The Existing Activity Priority grid operates the same way as all grids in Method (for more information on how to interact with grids, see our Grid Functionality document in the Help Center).
  2. In order to edit an existing priority, click on Select to the left of the priority you'd like to edit. This will fill the fields in the New Priority section above with the priority name (the only field associated with this record).

  3. Click Save to save the name change. These changes will be reflected in the activity priority throughout Method and will update the Existing Activity Priorities grid.

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Screen overview

The following is a breakdown of the New/Edit Activity Priorities screen. We'll take a closer look at each element of the screen (dropdown lists, buttons, etc.) so you know exactly what each element does. We hope this will be a useful roadmap for new users!

  • Activity Priority: The name of the priority. This is a required field.

There are four buttons at the bottom of this screen that should be familiar from other areas of Method. Let's take a look at each of their functionality.

  • More actions allows you to Clear/New which will clear the fields in this activity priority and make room for a new one, or Delete the priority (which cannot be undone).

  • Save saves the information on the screen without closing it.

  • Save & New saves the information on the screen and clears the fields to make room for a new one.

  • Save & Close saves the information on the screen and closes it.

The Existing Activity Priorities grid works much the same way as other grids in Method, and it displays only the priority name.

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