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Set up Method on Right Networks
Solution No. 245

This article provides some information about Method CRM working on Right Networks, an online QuickBooks hosting provider.

Who this guide is meant for?

This guide is meant for QuickBooks users who don’t want to worry about installations and would like to freely access their QuickBooks and Method company files from remote locations, enabling staff, clients and accountants to access data from absolutely anywhere with an Internet connection. Method is a QuickBooks integrated, web-based platform with industry-specific applications that can be completely customized from head-to-toe. Right Networks is the largest and most trusted provider of desktop QuickBooks hosting so your data will always be online, accessible from any location with an Internet connection, with high security protection to keep your data safe. This partnership allows Right Networks to preload Method Integration Engine on their server, so that real-time synchronization between your QuickBooks and Method can take place 100% in the cloud.

What are the steps I need to follow to setup Method Integration on Right Networks?

  1. Sign up for an account with Right Networks and inform them that you are going to be using Method Integration.
  2. Transfer the QuickBooks file you would like to use with Method to the Right Networks server.
  3. Sign up for a Method account if you haven’t done so already.
  4. Contact Method Support at 1-888-925-6238 x2 or and request to have roaming turned on for your account.
  5. Once roaming is turned on and the Method sync engine is installed on the server, log onto Right Networks and open QuickBooks to the correct QuickBooks company file. The Method sync engine will launch automatically.
  6. Enter your Method company account, username and password in the sync engine.  Begin a sync to your Method account.
  7. Once QuickBooks has been configured on Right Networks, it is recommended that QuickBooks be removed from your local computer.


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