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Export grid to Excel
Solution No. 141
This action opens a pop up window with the contents of the specified grid exported in Microsoft Excel format.
So where would we use it?
Use this action to send data contained in a grid to Excel for printing or data manipulation. For instance, you can send the Items grid to Excel for conducting onsite or offsite inventory, allowing someone to verify and alter On Hand quantities via Excel.
To set the properties for this action, follow these steps:
1. Select Export Grid to Excel from the Action dropdown list.
2. Choose a Grid or Table to export. 
3. If you wish, you may choose to only export checked rows, and/or to remove HTML tags, by clicking the related check boxes.
4. Enter Internal note (Optional).
5. Click Save & Close to save changes and close the action properties window; otherwise, click Cancel to close the window without saving.


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