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Video tutorial

Welcome to the Activities guide!  Here we’ll be conducting a comprehensive breakdown of everything you can do in your Activities tab (which you can find in the CRM tab group; see our documentation on tabs and tab groups for more information).  But first, let’s talk about what we mean when we talk about an activity in Method CRM.

What is an activity?

Activities are the interactions your company has with customers, leads, vendors, and other contacts. Examples of activities include meetings, phone calls and emails. With Method, you can log activities individually, access them in a dedicated calendar, and relate them to sales opportunities and/or customer cases if applicable. Keeping a record of all customer interactions creates a trail of breadcrumbs for every element of your business, and no customer ever falls through the cracks!

This section of our documentation will walk you through each feature of the Activities tab, as well as giving you background on how to set your default preferences, make use of email functionality, and track your activities in a grid. Read on to learn more!

Video tutorial

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