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Calendar Resources
Solution No. 255

This article explains Calendar Resources and how to display the calendar data to your liking.


Calendar Resources are who or what your appointments are assigned to. Traditionally, Resources are employees or crews. However, Resources can also be assets such as rooms or equipment. By default the global resource used for calendars in Method is AssignedTo; which refers to the user that an activity/task is assigned to. We do not recommend changing this resource even for one of your custom calendars because it will make the change globally; so the change will not only take effect for your custom calendar but for all calendars in Method. Additionally, you'll run into some challenges trying to get the data to display to your liking.

TIP: When editing the Calendar Object properties you cannot set more than one default resource at a time, this can only be done on your published screen by selecting multiple resources using the Change... link for that resource, i.e. the AssignedTo resource.

When it comes to displaying the data on your calendar appropriately, we would suggest you utilize filters. Calendars typically need to be filtered so that appointments only appear if they are assigned to specific Resources, Statuses or Labels. In order to set a filter for your Calender object you would first need to edit the object, navigate to Step 7 of 8, select the particular field you would like to filter by, then insert the filter, and select the properties. For example, ActivityType > Equal To > Type In: Work Order. This filter will only display Work Orders on your calendar.


The main table all calendars in Method are based off of is the Activity table, simply because that's the table which holds all your activities, e.g. Meetings, To-Do's, Incoming/Outgoing Email and Phone Call Logs, Work Orders, etc.


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