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Method is causing my Quickbooks to crash!
Solution No. 333

No, it isn’t. This article will explain why and provide some steps on how to troubleshoot with the Quickbooks SDK log. 



Method cannot cause QuickBooks to crash. Method interacts with the QuickBooks SDK processor, which acts as a fortress to QuickBooks. The QuickBooks SDK prevents illegal entry and ensures that QuickBooks remains stable. Method can only send requests to the QuickBooks SDK, and then wait for a response. 

When Method sends a request to QuickBooks:

  1. Method sends the request to the QuickBooks SDK processor
  2. This process is synchronous and Method cannot do anything until the SDK responds 
  3. The SDK processor responds and Method deals with the response 

If QuickBooks is crashing, the problem is likely:

  • corruption in the QuickBooks file
  • bugs in the QuickBooks SDK processor
  • instability in the QuickBooks environment 

It is easy to blame Method for a QuickBooks crash since it may be making the most requests. However, if your QuickBooks is crashing, Method is likely a victim of one of the three points above, not the cause. One helpful piece of advice we have found is to turn up the SDK logging in QuickBooks to see if it pulls any useful information after a QuickBooks crash. To do so:

  1. Go to 'C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\QuickBooks', or 'C:\ProgramData\Intuit\QuickBooks' on a Vista/Win 7 machine
  2. Edit the 'qbsdk.ini' file. If you can't find the file then perform a search for it, otherwise create a text file named 'qbsdk.ini'
  3. Add or modify the following lines then save the file:






Finally, restart QuickBooks and run your program.

When you are finished debugging, don't forget to restore the Level in qbsdk.ini to: 


and change




This only applies to Method for Quickbooks Desktop. 


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