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Set up primary admin
Solution No. 274

Determining who the primary admin user is

When you first sign up for Method, your account only has one user, and this user is automatically the primary admin user.

  1. Navigate to Customize > Users.
  2. In your Existing User list, look for the user with (admin) next to their name. 

That user is your primary admin user!

It's important to note the difference between the primary admin user and a user with administrative permissions. You can assign another user to the administrator role, but this does not make them the primary admin user. The administrator role can be assigned to as many users as you like!

What's so special about the primary admin user?[top]

There are a few unique features of Method that only pertain to the primary admin user.

  • The primary admin user cannot be deleted or set to inactive
  • If you only have one active user, it must be the primary admin user.
  • Only the primary admin user can add apps from the Method Application Library. 

You might think setting permissions is also reserved for the primary admin user, but in Method, the primary admin can grant other users access to permissions as well.

Changing the primary admin user[top]

You can change the username, email address, and password of the primary admin, but you cannot transfer the primary admin status to a different user. If you change the user name (say, from "Preyah" to "Errol") all activities and events originally assigned to Preyah will be updated throughout Method to be assigned to Errol. 

Furthermore, you can't have the same email address for two users in the system, so in order to make the switch, you need to have a temporary email address.

For example, let's say user Preyah, who's email address is, is the primary admin. We want user Errol, with email address, to be the primary admin. You can't change user Preyah's email to because that email already exists under user Errol. So, to change this:

  • Change user Errol's email address to a temp email address, e.g.
  • Change user Preyah's email addres to
  • Change user Errol's email addres to
  • Change user Errol's user name to ErrolTemp.
  • Change user Preyah's user name to Errol.
  • Change user ErrolTemp's user name to Preyah.

And there you go! The users have been swapped!

What if the primary admin user is no longer around and we are locked out?[top]

If your primary admin user is no longer available (for example if he or she left the company) we require a letter from your company on the company’s letterhead confirming that you need access to the admin account. We do this for security purposes, as we don’t want to give access to your account to someone your company hasn't approved. You may email your letter to our support department or fax it to 416-640-6027.