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Insert new row into grid
Solution No. 144
This action inserts a new entry into the specified grid. This has the same effect as clicking the "New..." link at the bottom of the grid.
So where would we use it?
Let's say you've just noticed you need to make an inventory adjustment. Not a problem!  You simply go to the appropriate grid in Method, and with the click of a button, such as "New", you're all set to make the adjustment and update the information. This action inserts the new row into the grid and you're all done. Yes, it is that easy.
To set the properties for this action, follow these steps:
1. Select Insert New Row into Grid from the Action dropdown list.
2. Select Grid/Table from the dropdown list.
3. Enter Internal note (Optional).
4. Click Save & Close to save changes and close the action properties window; otherwise, click Cancel to close the window without saving.


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