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Mass update the SalesRep field
Solution No. 427

Some users may run into a situation where they will need to reassign a large number of customers to a different sales rep. There are a few ways this can be done, and I will detail what I believe to be the simplest.


This solution will have you export the list of customers and leads you need to change the sales rep for and make the changes in Microsoft Excel.

TIP: Importing more than 500 records at a time is not recommended. Doing so may cause the Import / Export tool to time out.
  1. Determine the initials of the current sales rep and the sales rep you will be re-assigning to. You can view your list of sales reps by navigating to the QuickBooks tab group and then to Lists -> Sales Rep.
  2. Navigate to Customize -> Integration Tools -> Go to import / Export.
  3. Select Export a table to a file and select the Customer and Customer Leads table from the drop down list.
  4. Select the fields FullName, RecordID, SalesRep and any other fields of your choice.
  5. Select Advanced Filter Options -> Filter with script. The script will be used to filter for records assigned to the old sales rep and will be in the format SalesRep=[initials]. For example, if the initials of the sales rep are AH, your script will look like SalesRep=‘AH.
  6. Make sure the format selected is Comma-Separated Values.
  7. Click Export to file. The file Customer.csv will be downloaded.
  8. Open the Customer.csv file in Excel.
  9. Select the SalesRep column by clicking the letter above the SalesRep heading.
  10. In the toolbar, navigate to Edit -> Replace.
  11. Enter the initials of the rep you are replacing in the Find what box and the initials of the rep you are replacing with in the Replace with box. Change the search option to By Columns and click Replace All.
  12. Now save the file.
  13. Head back to the Import / Export tool in Method, select Import into table from a file, select the Customer and Customer Leads table from the drop down, choose the file which you just saved and click Import data…
  14. Select the Update existing record by matching key fields option and make sure RecordID is selected.
  15. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Import Data.
  16. Select Begin Import and wait for the progress bar to reach 100%, then click Finished. If there were any problems, you will be presented with a list of errors you can correct and try again. Otherwise you will be taken back to the Integration Tools page.
  17. Verify the results by selecting a customer that was updated and making sure the SalesRep fields has been changed.


This is only one way in which you can mass update the sales rep. If you have to do this often, you may want to consider building a screen which will automate this process for you.


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