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Conversions supported by the SDK
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QuickBooks provides the ability to convert one transaction type into another transaction type. Some examples include; converting a estimate to a invoice, converting a estimate to a purchase order, converting a sales order to invoice and more. However, there are only certain conversions that are supported via the QuickBooks SDK.



As part of its work-flow, QuickBooks allows users to convert a transaction with items from one transaction type to another transaction type where it makes sense to do so. Although Method CRM tries to respect the same work-flow, users should be aware that a small list of these conversions are supported by the QuickBooks SDK.

Here is a list of forms where the SDK supports the conversion of items from one to another:

  • Purchase Order to Bill
  • Purchase Order to Item Receipt
  • Sales Order to Invoice

No other conversions are supported by the SDK. This means, for all other transactions, it may still be possible to replicate this process using Method actions, but Method has no way of knowing what quantity is "remaining" to be sent over (converted). For example, you can use Method actions to copy an Estimate into an Invoice, but there is nothing stopping a user from doing it again, and again. Where-as, QuickBooks will only allow conversation of the remaining quantity until it has been fully converted.


This article applies to the following versions of QuickBooks.

  • QuickBooks Desktop 2004 Pro or higher


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