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Can I convert my Method for QuickBooks Desktop account to a Quickbooks Online account?
Solution No. 350

This article explains why you cannot convert a Method Desktop account to a Method for QuickBooks Online account.


With QuickBooks Online accounts (QBO) becoming more popular, we are receiving more and more inquiries asking how easy it would be to transition over to a QBO account if you already have a QuickBooks Desktop account (QBD) integrated with Method.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to convert your accounts over in Method.

The issue here is that Method references data differently from QBO and QBD accounts, because it is actually accessing two separate QuickBooks APIs. 

Method accesses data for QBO accounts through "IPP", whereas for QBD accounts, Method accesses them directly through the QuickBooks SDK.  With that said, because of the way Method accesses the data, even if a customer is able to convert their QuickBooks file using an Intuit conversion tool, there is nothing set up from QuickBooks for a third party application to recognize this conversion correctly.  

Either type of QuickBooks account creates a Unique ID for each record, so when a file gets converted from one type of account to the other, the Unique ID used as a reference gets changed.  This leads third party applications to think that two records (which appear the same to the end-user) are actually completely different records.  

Method also communicates with QBO and QBD accounts in a different way, depending on which API is being used.  This means there are other subtle differences between the two account databases which, again, makes it impossible at this time to convert a QBD account already integrated with Method to a QBO account.


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