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What is SmartVault?
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Method has partnered with SmartVault to provide an alternative to the standard "native" document management that comes built into Method. SmartVault provides an intuitive, Web-based solution for users to store, view and share files securely any time and from anywhere. It also offers a unique plug-in for QuickBooks®, creating a seamless user experience for scanning, attaching, and finding documents within a familiar application. For more information about using SmartVault, visit

What are the benefits of using SmartVault over native document management in Method?

  • QuickBooks Integration - If you are using QuickBooks (Pro, Premier, Enterprise and Online), you can view SmartVault attachments directly in QuickBooks using the SmartVault Toolbar.
  • Document Access Directly from Method - If you are an existing SmartVault user, you can see documents that already exist in SmartVault, directly from within Method transactions.
  • Additional Document Management Capabilities- SmartVault is a complete document management and file sharing system.  Files can also be accessed from a web browser, mobile phone or mapped drive. With the integration between SmartVault and Method, you can now leverage these additional document management capabilities:
    • Securely store and share all your files. You can use SmartVault to securely store all of your files, including both files associated with an entry in Method or QuickBooks, as well as files not associated with specific entries in Method or QuickBooks.
    • Assign granular permissions when sharing files. You can share documents with other users by assigning specific view/download and upload permissions on a user by user or folder by folder basis.. 
    • Track who did what when. Using the SmartVault Activity Log you can see a history of who viewed which files when, regardless of whether the file was viewed through Method, through the SmartVault web portal, from the SmartVault QuickBooks Toolbar, or from another application that integrates with SmartVault.

Do I need to use SmartVault in order to get document management in Method?

No. Uploading documents to SmartVault works very similar to how document management works natively in Method. If the benefits listed above don't interest you, you can continue to upload and view documents in Method for no additional charge.

Does SmartVault work with QuickBooks Online or only QuickBooks Desktop?

As of June 2013, Method integrates with SmartVault for all versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online.

What objects are supported in the integration between SmartVault and Method?

  • Lists: Customer, Vendor, Employee, Item, Account, ToDo
  • Transactions: Invoice, Estimate, SalesReceipt, ReceivePayment, CreditMemo, ARRefundCreditCard, SalesOrder, PurchaseOrder, ItemReceipt, VendorCredit, BillPaymentCheck, BillPaymentCreditCard, CreditCardCharge, CreditCardCredit, InventoryAdjustment, Deposit, JournalEntry, Check
    • Note: the SalesTaxPaymentCheck is not supported. 

How do I get started?

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