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What is the Outlook Plug-In?
Solution No. 226

The Method Outlook Plug-In is designed to integrate with Microsoft Outlook 2007/2010 and above, allowing Method users to connect their existing Outlook file to their Method account.

This plug-in will save you enormous amounts of time and increase your productivity, as you don’t have to switch between Outlook and Method CRM when looking up or adding information. Even better, it’s free to use for Method users!


  • Create new Customers, Vendors, Leads, Opportunities, Cases, Activities, Follow-Ups, and Contacts directly from Outlook, and they will appear in Method (and QuickBooks where appropriate) without switching applications.
  • Bi-directional sync of calendar appointments from Method to Outlook or Outlook to Method. Choose a number of days, or a specific date you would like to sync, and your activities and appointments will appear in both calendars.
  • Categories in Outlook can be linked to activity types and statuses in Method. For example: set your green category in Outlook to match the completed activity status. When you finish an appointment in Outlook, assign the category as usual, and the next time you sync, that activity will be marked as completed in Method!
  • Priority levels can now be assigned to follow-up appointments, so your most important activities get the attention they need.
  • Look up email addresses from Method on any email screen using the Address button. Once the address is located, it is automatically inserted into the To, CC, and BCC fields without having to switch programs.  And if you can’t find the address you’re looking for, you can add it directly from the Address window!
  • Turn your Outlook Contact into a new QuickBooks Customer/Vendor/Lead/Contact in less than two clicks.
  • Step-by-step Activity submission allows you to quickly see if the activity being added from Outlook to Method has any open Cases or Opportunities associated with it, or any that require updating.
This plug-in packs a lot of punch and a ton of value, but here are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Questions about the plug-in should be posted on the forums, specifically in the Method Outlook Plug-In section.
  • This plug-in only works with Outlook 2007 and higher. It will not work on versions older than 2007.
  • This plug-in only works with desktop versions of Outlook.  If you're using Office 365, please see our FAQ section for a workaround.
  • This plug-in is a desktop application, so it can’t be customized the same way Method can.


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