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Upgrade/downgrade Method
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There are two versions of Method currently in use: Method CRM and Method CRM Pro. Depending which version you currently have, you can upgrade to CRM Pro, or downgrade to the basic version of Method.

Downgrading or upgrading influences both your monthly payment and the features available to you in Method, so before upgrading or downgrading, it's recommended you speak to your Account Manager.

Ugrading to Method CRM Pro[top]

  1. Click Customize > My Account.
  2. Scroll to Add Apps from the Method Application Library and find Method CRM Pro.
  3. Click switch to this edition.
  4. Click Switch Now.
    This process could take up to fifteen minutes, during which time you should not refresh your browser.

Once the switch has been completed, you'll receive an email informing you of the change.

Downgrading to Method CRM[top]

Downgrading follows the same steps as upgrading; simply locate Method CRM under the App Library instead of Method CRM Pro.

Depending on how you used Method CRM Pro, you may be required to take additional actions between steps 3 and 4.

  • If you have other apps (like Method Field Services) installed, you are prompted to uninstall them before you can downgrade.
    Uninstalling permanently erases all screens associated with that app, including any custom screens you've created. If you re-add the apps later, you will start from the stock version.
    1. Locate the app in the Apps & User Licenses section.
    2. Click Remove App.
  • If you have created custom tables in Method, you must delete them.To delete a custom table:
    1. Click Tables/Fields and locate the custom table.
    2. Click Edit Table... > Delete Table.
    Depending on the table and potential linked fields, you may be presented with another pop-up message.

    This means the custom table you're trying to delete is referenced from another table. You must delete the listed fields before the table can be deleted. To delete these fields:
    1. Click Cancel to return to the Tables list.
    2. Locate the noted table(s) where the field(s) are being referenced.
    3. Click Edit Fields... and locate the field in the list.
    4. Click Delete next to the field, and repeat these steps for all noted fields.
    5. When all fields are deleted, return to the custom table and delete it as above.

Why is my trial sign-up on Method CRM Pro?[top]

When signing up for Method through the Intuit App Centre or Google Apps Marketplace, both parties require two things:

  1. That no Credit Card information be obtained, and
  2. That the best version of the software be provided.

We decided to do the same when users sign up through our website!

There's really no downside to trying out Method CRM Pro first, as you're exposed to everything Method has to offer. When your trial is finished, you can choose to continue with the Pro experience, or you can downgrade as described above.


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